Key Differences Between Vaping and Smoking Weed – Here’s Why Vaping is Healthier


With vaping getting popular as a healthier, safer alternative to smoking weed, a lot of people wonder about the differences between the two methods. Firstly, it is important to know that though smoking is not good for health, weed smoke is not so harmful as tobacco. Moreover, vaping can be done in two ways – using cannabis oil or ground flower. While both smoking and vaping can affect the body and mind due to the THC content in marijuana, the way they affect the person is somewhat different. One should also note that more research is needed to conclude whether vaping is the safest way to use cannabis. Here are some of the most interesting differences between the two modes of inhalation.

Vaping Dry Flower is Safer but Oils can be Harmful

We know that vaping weed is safer but not all forms of vaporization are equally safe. When a vaporizer is used to vape ground flower, it is much safer than vaping oils as the active components can be inhaled without any combustion. Vaporizing with oil cartridges can be harmful because they contain solvents and additives which can be carcinogenic.

The Effects of Vaping can be Different from Smoking

When weed is smoked, terpenes, cannabinoids and other components are converted into vapor and these work together to enhance the benefits. Vaporization, on the other hand, creates inhalable vapor by heating the material to burn cannabinoids and oils. When a person vapes oil, he inhales whatever is put into the oil. This means the effects resulting from smoking and vaping vary depending on the THC and CBD content in the material.

Vaping can Deliver Consistent Results

When you smoke marijuana, you can experience varied effects from one session to another and between different strains. On the other hand, you can expect better consistency with vaping. Cannabis bud is a cultivated product that can vary from one year to another and one grower to the next. However, products intended for vaping can be designed in a way that produces the same effects whenever used.

Vaping does not Involve any Combustion

Talking about the traditional method of smoking weed, the user burns the plant material as well as its constituents while also burning the joint in which the matter is wrapped. A temperature of 600-900 degrees Celsius is achieved during combustion while vaporizers work at about 160-220 degrees. Combustion at higher temperatures can generate toxic chemicals leading to lung and respiratory problems. Vaping does not produce such harmful toxins and are is less risky for the respiratory system. with long-term smoking, users can suffer from respiratory problems like bronchitis, wheezing and coughing.

Vaping Causes Less Waste of Product

Inhaling with a vaporizing device is more efficient for those who want to use this method of cannabis consumption. Smoking causes a loss of 30-50 percent herb in the form of tar and smoke. On the other hand, a little material is lost during vaporization as it is heated inside a closed chamber. The effects of smoking as well as vaping are quite similar and they are ideal for those who want a fast-acting method of consumption. The onset time for both is about 1-2 minutes and last for 1-2 hours.

Effects from Vaporizing are More Unidirectional

When marijuana is smoked, the entire range of components present in the flower is inhaled. This can lead to better relief from symptoms of health conditions and deliver more intense high. However, when a vape pen is used, you inhale the oil that is made up of cannabinoids. This means the effects can be lighter or inclined in any one direction.

Vape Produces Lighter Smoke

Though vaping does not produce technical smoke because it is vapor, you can feel differences in what you inhale. Smoking tends to produce stronger odor and heavier flavor as compared to vaping. Moreover, vapor diffuses faster than smoke from a pre-roll. As vaporization does not involve combustion, it can be easy on the lungs as well.